Two Critical Factors to let Ubuntu going into the Tablet & Mobile Phone Markets

They are NOT the most stylish design;
They are NOT the most advanced hardware configuration like the Ubuntu Edge Phone;
They are NOT the Android-Ubuntu dual boot system as Mark Shuttleworth currently working on;

They are:
The Critical Mass
and The Incentives to Change

Then what is the critical mass associated with the android phones?
It’s the Huge Number of Android Apps!
i.e Ubuntu must be able to run Android Apps as if they are running on the AndroidOS.
-> I am not sure, but a special version of Java Machine that connect Ubuntu and Android Apps together, or a special version of Virtualbox may make this happen?

Oh yeah, it’s good that Ubuntu can run all the android apps, but why should I, as a user, switch to use Ubuntu and not stay using Android?
If the ability to run desktop applications, like Open Office , is the incentives, then Ubuntu should target itself to the Tablet market first,where screen sizes of 8-10inches are large enough for destop works — phone screens, 3.5 – 6inches, are actually too small for the desktop works!

In addtion, Ubuntu tablet should be able to work smoothly on both mobile touch operations and the desktop operations that rely heavily on on the use of Keyboard and mouse.

Looking forwards for the Ubuntu Tablets to go into the market!